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ziq wrote (edited )

This is easy for me, because I've eaten the same thing everyday for more than a decade now. Fruit.


mofongo wrote

From a nutritional stand point, sancocho. The worst part is that I hate sancocho.


zombie_berkman wrote

I'd probably pick something dumb like a gyro but from a nutritional standpoint and a hydration standpoint some kind of soup with veggies and meats and a potato would probably be the best


tnstaec wrote (edited )

I've often contemplated a similar mind experiment: if you could only have one regional cuisine for the rest of your life, which would it be? Tough choice between Indian and Mexican. In your scenario I could have a meal of soyrizo tacos, kadai paneer, samoas and nachos, and since I'm also partial to Greek, throw in some spanikopita.

Edit: One meal or just one dish?


BinkBonk wrote

Soylent. I may not like it, but at least I can survive.