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Me and old Lem Briggs and old Bill Brown Took a load of corn to town Old Jim dog, the on'ery pup He just naturally followed us up

Every time I come to town The boys go to kicking my dog around Makes no difference if he's a hound Ya gotta quit kicking my dog around

As we driv' past the country store A passel of yaps came out the door Jim he scooted behind a box Showered him with sticks and rocks

They tied a tin can to his tail And run him past the county jail That just naturally makes me sore Bill he cussed and Lem he swore

Me and Lem Briggs and old Bill Brown Lost no time a-getting down We whupped them fellers to the ground

For kickin' my old dog, Jim, around Jim seed his duty there and then He sure let into those gentlemen He sure messed up that townhouse square With rags and meat and hide and hair

It's a two chord song and if you forget the lyrics, you can just keep going with "Dawg around dawg around gotta stop kicking my dawg around" until your dawg thinks "dawgaround" done be their name but jes between you an me, "Jim" fits better on them thar high fallutin' fancy-ass AKC registration papers.


oldusername wrote (edited )

You're not the only one who isn't a fan. No offense taken. I'm kind of worried about the man, obviously, and trying to avoid knee-jerk armchair promoting his music.

He's banned from Facebook and could really do with some moral support from other musicians a lot more than a zillion fanboi posts from me.

I've seen the same thing he's describing in this song on the mommywebz and the dog training community so it's not just anarchists.


oldusername wrote

It's satirical. "Burn It Down" is probably a better introduction to the man's sense of humour, especially if you know who Rod Coronado is, but I've seen people miss it in even this one.

He doesn't tour in the US any more because he can't cover his expenses and he has another kid and a wife now and is getting up there in years a bit.

I'm still thrilled to see classic DR right at the top of the Folk page. :) :) :)


Dumai wrote

seems to me that he's trying to criticise the trend of middle-to-upper class pseudo-radicals fetishising/commodifying the "lifestyles" of the poor but attaches his critique to a really silly strawman of queer politics and post-leftism, mayhaps "individualist" politics in general, which definitely makes me feel like he's been reading too much bookchin

more than anything he else he just kind of seems pissed off that anybody would dare question him for voting for jill stein. look rovics is a liberal, i feel like that shouldn't be a controversial statement at this point


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