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masque wrote (edited )

I mostly like sung-through musicals that are still fully enjoyable & coherent when listening to just the music, which rules out most movie musicals (except for movie adaptations of stage musicals, but those are typically bad).

So, maybe Evita?


bloodrose wrote

Newsies. I watched it as a child. I learned about fighting together against rich assholes before I went to high school. My husband's reaction to it tells me it isn't, like objectively, the best musical but it is to me.


celebratedrecluse wrote

For example, second wave was not necessarily opposed to the suffragettes, but critiqued their lack of materialism. third wave, critiqued the lack of class analysis and intersectionality of second wave, but in many ways was building upon the political and economic foci of the previous movements to ask "bread, negotiating power, but roses too". As in, cultural victories, in addition to economic and political ones, as well as an interrogation of second and first wave whiteness, of its cultural blinders.

Now... Fourth wave? we shall see, but I doubt it will totally reject what came before it; it will build on it, constructively critiquing, and pushing the discursive boundaries to expand. Like wave, on beaches, at high tide.


lautreamont wrote (edited )

There's that. Well maybe the entire porn addiction is a form of sublimation, but it surely is substitution.

I'm not sure whether sexuality is being repressed in the same way as 100 years ago. But it's pretty clear that it is at least being vastly being sweeped under the rug, like the total opposite than asserted. There is a small subculture of "sex positive" people, tho it appears faint and private in most places where I've been.

I'd love to also read from more contemporary radical authors on the matter. Afaik the literature seems scarce, or I could be wrong...


naut wrote (edited )

Monopolized media today is produced for such a large audience that it has to be flattened and family-friendly, to be inoffensive as possible in order to reap the profits it does. And yet any form of media can be propaganda in how it shapes society's views, subconscious or not.

Going deeper into the sexuality side of this article however, I wouldn't want to hold the 80s and 90s as a comparative paragon of sex in media to the modern day.

When revisiting a beloved Eighties or Nineties film, Millennial and Gen X viewers are often startled to encounter long-forgotten sexual content content

If anything, I would argue that there is simply more of a stratification in film today. I fault the sterility of blockbusters to their goals in ever greater mass-appeal.

Edit: Additional thought, let's not glamorize a 40yo view of sexuality because the material was slightly less polished than today's.