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Possebon wrote

I've been on a bit of a film binge recently, which is weird because I barely watched any last year.

So I watched Takashi Miike's Audition. I've read some of Ryu Murakami's books and seen a few Miike's films so I should have known how uncomfortable it was going to end up but it still managed to get me. Urgh, that wire.

Then it was Anomalisa. I really like Charlie Kaufman's work so I really enjoyed this one. Since I come from North West England it's always nice to hear a familiar accent as a lead role for an American film.

The Long Goodbye was Little White Lies' podcast Film Club and this is the first time I bothered to actually watch the film before listening to it. This was really fun.

Finally, I also watched Network. I probably quoted this film countless times without actually ever having seen it. It does feel like Sorkin-before-Sorkin but without the smarminess and the speech is obviously timeless.

Phew, sorry for so many words. Next week I'm planning to watch Peterloo, La Haine, Departures and who knows what else.


[deleted] wrote


Possebon wrote

I wasn't too sure what to think of it, especially the bit with the Japanese sex doll thing? I read a few theories online but I still have no idea. I think I might need to rewatch it without getting distracted by the animation. I wasn't sure if we were supposed to relate to Michael or not. Is it just that something is "very, very wrong" with him?

Yeah, I didn't like it nearly as much as Synecdoche, New York (which is one of my favourite ever films) but it had some really interesting ideas.


ziq wrote

Instant Family: meh.

Spider-man Into the Spider-Verse: Awesome sauce.


mofongo wrote

I absolutely loved it, nice action and very tongue in cheek. I'm impressed how they managed to cram that many references without feeling force, including the Spiderman meme.


ThreeTimesThree wrote

I've been watching movies from 1995. Last Sunday I saw the original Ghost in the Shell, Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man, and the original Jumanji.

Ghost in the Shell is SO much better (and intelligent) than the recent live-action remake.

I will always love Jim Jarmusch for making Ghost Dog, but Dead Man wasn't doing much for me. I liked that scene with Iggy Pop and Billy Bob Thornton around the campfire, but that was about it.

Jumanji is a film for children that would give most children nightmares. Giant spiders and mosquitoes. Yikes. The sequel is much better.


black_fox wrote

Bad Times at the El Royale — i didn’t know anything about the film going in. was a fun thriller where you’re trying to figure out what is going on most of the time — in a good way, like a puzzle. centers on a location and the people in it and their individual stories. i liked it. it is a bit long though, 140 minutes