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Alex wrote (edited )

The Predator, not great but overall the actors did a decent job and it was fun enough to watch.

Abducted In Plain Sight, a documentary about a girl who survived rape and molestation. Obviously horrible situation but wild listening to how this guy groomed her and manipulated her family.

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TheLegendaryBirdMonster moderator wrote (edited by a moderator )

I saw chicken, it's a movie about the friendship of a marginalized guy with learning disabilities and a privileged girl who moved in next to him.

  • The pacing felt off, everything feels like it happened in a few days. having their friendship grow for a few weeks before the second plot point would have felt more natural. Same for the SPOILER: burning of his caravane at the end.

  • I dont care about what his mom did SPOILER: he's the result of his brother's rape, it didnt bring anything to the plot and felt like the director was trying to justify his disability and doing "misery porn". It felt ableist.

the movie was otherwise ok.


F_x wrote

Fixed the spoiler tags for you.


buzz wrote (edited )

I watched some pretty popular and acclaimed japanese animated movies this week:

  • Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue (1997)

This was nice, i saw great similarities with the last season of Bojack which i imagine was heavily inspired by this work (but Kon can perform it a lot better). It took me a while to understand the plot, and for a while after the film I was left in a state of delirium or just like thinking about things all weird. Highly recommend this watch, but CW on rape and violence.

  • Mamoru Oshii Ghost in the Shell (1995)

A good piece, however again I was a bit behind on the plot because of all the section X and Y things that I couldn't work out through subtitling (kind of like when I watched Akira) . The built environment was very nice though.

  • Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)

Very good watch, even though it predecessors Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke it felt very much like a nice mix of the two. Surrounds real and interesting issues of environmental collapse and the nature of states orchestrating it well, creates really beautiful environments, and ends happy.

A discussion I want to make is surrounding the nature of dubbing and subbing foreign media: do you prefer it, are you against it, is it legitimate? I prefer subs over dubs mainly because I find it goes against artistic intention, and, since most dubs are done by americans, it turns the characters white which I don't want. However, subbing does take away from the ability to consume the media, and limits comprehension of the work. I imagine as well for people with certain disabilities or differing comprehensions of certain languages subbing is good and necessary.


F_x wrote

Perfect Blue is amazing! It's a real shame Satoshi Kon died so early, I've enjoy is work more than Miyazaki's. Ghost in the Shell was alright as far as I remember. I haven't watch Nausicaä but I did enjoy Princess Mononoke so I should take a look.

For the discussion about dubs and subs, you should make a separated thread so more people can see it. Probably on f/AskRaddle


bloodrose wrote

I watched Aquaman. It was nothing special but it was pretty enough.

I also watched Wreck-It Ralph with my daughter (the first one). When the story hit the hero's lowpoint in the "hero's journey" she wanted to turn it off and I tried to explain to her that it is an element of story-telling and we just have to wait through it to get to the rest of the story. It's interesting to watch children who don't know the tropes and frameworks react to things. I had a discussion with my brother about the concept of villains and bad-guys. We both were saying our kids wouldn't have the concept without the movies teaching them it. And then thought: should we teach kids this concept? I'm still unsure. /end or ramble, sorry.


F_x wrote (edited )

I've watched Mandy, it's a shiny turd. Nice esthetic, silly gore and weird humour but overall extremely boring and awful dialogues.