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RosaReborn wrote

I watched Sorry to Bother You. Actually a pretty fantastic movie and surprisingly super radical in its politics. I think the ending was a nod to the whole "Eat the Rich" concept of violent revolution. Could have done without the little love triangle part but that was small.

Also rewatched Fargo with some friends. As fun as it is dark and sad


Fossidarity wrote (edited )

Ive watched Sound of Noise, I really loved it, the characters and how they're portrait are so good.


ziq wrote (edited )

Bird Box. Pretty average.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Fun / sad western anthology from the Coens.


mofongo wrote

There are many because it's been a while since i commented.

Nothing to hide: it was entertaining seeing ask the relationships break apart and people questioning how much they knew about each other, but the ending crapped on all that.

To each her own: it's a nice cute story about a upper middle class white woman that cheats on her LTR girlfriend when she meets a tall, muscular, black man that knows how to cook. While the ending is obvious, there should have taken 5 minutes to close the triangle. As it stands, it looks like someone's sex fantasy.

The puss in Boots: choose you're own adventure: it's short, it's fun, too dependant on the TV show.


[deleted] wrote


ziq wrote

I'm watching that next, after I finish BlacKkKlansman.


videl wrote

Saw Annihilation. I think I found out about it through a post on here. Anyways, it was pretty good. All about mutations and change and changing oneself and all the dangers and beauty that comes with it. Also sci fi stuff. Good cast. Great visuals.


mofongo wrote

I saw it with my family, the only recent movie that kept us thinking and talking about it days later.