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fortmis OP wrote

Reply to comment by Fool in Fave studio Ghibli 's and why? by fortmis

Reporting back: Nausicaa blew me away. Beauuuutiful. The environmental storyline is so incredibly on point... leaves me feeling... what's left to say?? And wow... "we" understood all this, for this long? And yet...? Nausicaa is my favourite female character so far. With Dolla as a close second.
So, yes Dolla, the head pirate in Laputa, castle in the sky. Our main gal, Laputa, here was kind of yawn I thought. The little boy stole all the thunder and got all the one liner zingers... He was also almost a disturbingly smooth talker.
But, back to Dolla. I loved that storyline. When they're sitting in the boy's house as he returns, and she chastizes him for just giving up without a fight I was like... OH HO HO! I like where this is going! Then her compassionate side slowly starts to show.. until, at the end when she sees Laputa is still alive, and the look of pure relief and joy... Tear jerking!
And it was interesting to see a similar storyline again in Howl's moving castle -- the initial "evil" lady villain, becomes both more interesting, and less of a threat.
Couldn't stop giggling at Christian Bale as the voice of Howl haha. Also Sophie's wit and feistiness as an old lady was very enjoyable and a nice break from all the sighing and soft and cute girl protagonists in the films so far.
Up next is Spirited Away (a rewatch for me, but a welcome one)