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ziq OP wrote

ok see you in 1.5 hours

actually new strange new worlds is out too, so 2.5 hours

oh and everything everywhere all at once!

see you tomorrow


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I know you love King Of The Hill - how have you liked Beavis and Butt-Head? I forget if you've watched Tales From the Tour Bus yet, I would recommend it. Starting from the second season might be better, that's how I was introduced to it.

everything everywhere all at once

I heard good things about this, I hope to make time to watch it next week.

strange new worlds

How has this been?


ziq OP wrote (edited )

I watch everything mike judge does. The new movie was great. I'm behind on tour bus but will catch up soon. He has a bunch of new cartoons coming out including more koth. B & b isn't nearly as good as koth but it's not meant to be. It's raw and chaotic. At least in its early seasons when it was hand drawn and biting commentary on the mtv generation

everything everywhere all at once

Didnt get around to watching it today cuz i got tired

How has this been?

I love it. Best Trek since DS9.


Haruki wrote

everything everywhere all at once

shit movie


moonlune wrote (edited )

yeah I wasn't impressed either. The premise is so cool but they just turned it into yet another forgetful shitty formulaic netflix family drama comedy.

The beginning was cool, seeing her live her daily life and do everything all at once and follow her at the same pace and have to piece together all those interweaving story-lines and when we try to make sense of the first few "jumps" at the same time as the character do was pretty good but once the story kicks off everything slows down and it became bland. I wanted to see everything everywhere all at once but all I got was a slow, predictable story.