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Hatrid wrote

The second and third movies were already bad


mofongo OP wrote

This one looks alright. Neo goes back to the closet and takes Viagra/antidepressant to keep the illusion going. Then Neo meets someone that makes them feel very different in a good way. Which leads to Neo taking the titty pill that will turn their life around.

Now, will neo go back to their previous life filled with Viagra and antidepressants or will they be brave enough to explore this new exciting world?


gone_to_croatan wrote

Disappointed, I was expecting something more meta


existential1 wrote (edited )

Same. Since its the same folks who worked on Sense8, maybe they should've gone the slow burn tv season route.


gone_to_croatan wrote

Yeah, I love SciFi and like good CGI as much as the next person but why everything Hollywood wants is guns, sex and explosions?


moonlune wrote

At least the lead actress is the same age as the lead actor..