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bloodrose wrote

Okay, so I read this review and then begrudgingly watched this film with my daughter, prepared to have to discuss and put it into context afterwards. Fuck this review and fuck this reviewer. Oh, a dude didn't like this movie? Go fucking figure. This movie is so feminist and anti-patriarchy, I'm not too surprised a guy struggled with it.

Cynically calling this a girlboss film misunderstands and misconstrues this film 100%.

This was actually a really good feminist movie:

  1. The crown gets passed to the princess instead of the prince because a) she wants it, is good at statehood and is competent and b) he doesn't want it and convinces his dad that his sister is the best for the job, despite - gasp! - being a woman.
  2. The female lead does not change her life for a dude. She is willing to forego love for her goals and is uncompromising. That's fucking a-okay.
  3. The people in the film are working under an antiquated patriarchal structure and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM shows how the patriarchy has hurt them: the men and the women.
  4. Also, it's one of the handful of films out there showing a man changing his life for a relationship and not the woman being forced to move/change for a relationship.

Cynically calling this a girlboss film and being flippant about it just shows that this reviewer doesn't like women. Decrying we don't need another girlboss film. I'm sorry the whole of, like, 5 female-centric films hurts his fucking pee-pee feelings. The coming-of-age boy story NEVER FUCKING STOPS BEING MADE so I have, like, zero sympathy for someone who is pissed women get a glow-up.

The entire time watching this film, I was so mad at this reviewer. I almost didn't watch it but you know what, he can suck my clit. It was a good feminist movie. Also, claiming the characters aren't fleshed out?! Jesus, did he stop the movie halfway through?? Fuck. Even evil stepmother gets a great back-story that makes you feel pity and sympathy. This reviewer sucks. I want to know what other films he didn't like. I bet I'll love them.


existential1 OP wrote

LMAO i love your review. Now I'll check it out with my neice. I'd also be interested in the deep dive of this reviewers takes.


bloodrose wrote

Lol telling people to suck my clit is the pinnacle of journalistic excellence hahahaha I looked him up and he liked one of the worst films I've ever seen so if I ever see this fellas name again, I'll know to do the opposite of what he says. hahahaha


bloodrose wrote

Oh fuck, I just looked up the reviewer. He's liked films I hated and hates films I like. I think I need to read his reviews to know what not to watch. Aahahaha. But seriously, Cinderella is a great, feminist movie.