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bloodrose wrote

Just so we're clear: there are no consequences. Ever. It was temporary placation and that is all it ever is.


mofongo wrote

Yep! Have you seen his Christmas videos? He literally threaten anyone in the industry that would make him accountable.


lastfutures OP wrote (edited )

This move reminds me of when he did that weird video of him as the house of cards character after being fired.


bloodrose wrote

Apparently, that was the first Christmas video and he keeps doing them. At least the 2020 one was not creepy but the 2019 one was creepy.


adi wrote

The Atlantic soft called his return in 2018 in a short writeup about his creepy-ass video from that year. Guess they were right.

As for the total lack of any real consequences, what else can we say? Until there's no financial incentive to work with assholes like this, studios with an eye on the bottom line will keep hiring them. Execs know that certain names carry a gaurenteed dollar amount when they appear in a movie, and they aren't ready to pass up those millions because of a few pesky survivors speaking out against scum fucks like this.