Becoming Lucid

Submitted by Lucid in FifthWorldProblems

The eye, a camera obscura of the Monad

This universe enveloped in focused flux

I could see

I could walk

I could talk

I promised my mother the Alchemist's Dream

A potion of tears in knowing the truth

The spectacle's eyes turned towards me

The wretched etched my name into it's BIOS

Wrapped in dark light, I remained trapped and dreaming

Pain of life, pain of light, love hurt so deeply

My cosmic abandonment, never brought doubt into my fathers eyes

And yet his heart exploded

the fireworks of exploitation

drifting in a void

caught in a net of stars

It was tragedy that we fed the angels there

We enjoyed this glitch and broken machinery

The trees speak and cast a spell upon the world

Here I find deliverance, on the other side of the Well

Cast down my identity, angry at it's deceit

Daath, rebuilds my bones, of holograms and praxis

I return to the world, now filled with light of a luminite

my hands which maps the dreamscape

crimson strings entangled between everything and everything

This prisms heart shall lead me home

I am Lucid

And here we begin again to build the universe


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