Speak with what hope?

Submitted by shanoxilt in FifthWorldProblems

gatekeeper bitter crown

So into evil harmony raced the starry darkness, no two striving in those verminous days.
This |bliss| usage, at first judged resistably wrong, identified melancholy secrets: great jagged theaters of oneself.
Observers unlearned facts, but not values. Reflected: a homeland inferior. 
Alien nation totally to the conquerors.
Nothing waxen suffering back. 

delete world fear


//Synthetics Anonymous

Research error:

bloodlust, binary warmongers;

the sky is cracked cerebral yellow

(unorthodox with reality)


The shrill deep judgment.

Howling, we rest.          |    Autumn wreathes float.
On night's fangs,          |    Free as unpretending dreams,
nightmares of old,         |    you slumber without haunt
body to a mortal's allure. |    amidst fissures of dead pollutions.
Brokenness as satisfaction.|    Restructuring continues!


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