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bloodrose wrote

You are not ugly. Ugly is a thing that was done to you.

Kinda powerful stuff, here. I frequently call myself ugly because I refuse to do the work women are "supposed" to do to be acceptable: makeup, hair, high heels, etc. It's funny to me when people who like me are upset by the use of this language. This really helped me understand what the emotional response I see is about.


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MHC OP wrote

I tried explaining everything. But there wasn't agreeement. So I quite that organization! I'm now at another art centre. Which is set-up for the life-drawing that I'd wanted. Its admin is also collective rather than bureaucratic. Which suits me better.


daniel_ wrote

The fire service is not Burger King. She knows what she signed on for, which includes obeying orders, whether they are orders about IG or extinguishing a fire. She's gone out of her way to prove she isn't capable of following simple orders, nobody is going to trust someone like that in a mission-critical setting.