Bans in /f/Feminism

Username Reason Banned Expires
FeministFeministFeminist Troll Never
hsuqmnpaosi fuck off Never
Anarcat nope Never
custody_showdown abeilism Never
aaaaarg Misogyny Never
kleinralph9 spam Never
C0WL0VER Posting anti-woman memes in /r/feminism. Do not unban. I am deleting the trash. Never
Caveman Banned for using MRA talking points in a feminist forum: Never
!deleted26060 Misogyny troll Never
hardwarecult "feminism is cancer" Never
Zeek fash Never
Peter_J_Kropotkin Sexism Never
ego_mutt muh idpol, racism Never
eatgallowboob lol Never
NiggerFaggot3 Obvious troll Never
NiggerFaggot2 they dont make em like they used to Never
niggernogger obvious troll Never
sharewitch TERF nonsense Never
Steelreign Obvious reactionary. Never
thehermit sexism Never
MisterDoctorProfessorX Anti-feminist Never
Naokotani Anti-feminist propaganda Never
freiheit Anti-feminist propaganda Never
5yws4575thyw45y defending hugh hefner Never
lollollollollol october 2 raid Never