I hate how misogynist my dad is to my mom

Submitted by PainlessEphemera in Feminism

Just today, my dad was mocking my mother, calling himself a martyr and not listening to her until she asked please. My mother, being my mom, eventually acquiesced and said please. I just hate how my father doesn’t respect my own mother, and by extension, me. Just so you think this isn’t a one time thing, when that Trump tape came out, his support only increased, and he ranted and raved about how he had done the exact same stuff to women millions of times and that it was political correctness which caused men to get in trouble.

Sorry for the rant. I probably shouldn’t act like this, being a mod and all, but I have no real outlet.



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elyersio wrote


Martyr for what? You have to be dead to be a martyr.


sudo wrote

Nothing wrong with a well-justified rant, comrade.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Sounds tough. Structural assholery from the family is something I imagine most of us can relate to. Whenever I have the time I work on a project made to explain specific structural issues to family members of mine. It's exhausting just to think about trying to do, so I haven't done much.

Many of our family members are just not going to come around, even if we are careful and respond to them as best we can in ways they can understand. What does that say about revolution in our lifetimes? I think it says a lot.

(And there's still the question how much work we have to do on ourselves)

I hope you find a way to ease this burden for yourself and those you care about. And I hope you find them with others, in ways that make you feel like you're expanding your capacities and potential.


ziq wrote

It's not a good example to set for you, that's for sure, he should be more conscious of how his behavior makes him look to others.