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PainlessEphemera wrote

I wish I could have body hair. My mother yells at me when I don’t shave, so to please her, I have to shave.


Buchkinn wrote

Wow, this is quite cool. I always thought Vice was some Buzzfeed-like liberal clickbait crap...


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Vice often does cool stuff, I think they're a huge company so there's probably a bunch of junk and a bunch of cool. Like they did a documentary on what happened at charlottesville that was probably the best media work in that moment. And they wrote about us :).


Buchkinn wrote

Lol, I found raddle today via exactly this article (was linked on reddit somewhere). I didn't notice it was Vice though.

I will check out the documentary later, thanks.


ziq_postcivver wrote

Depends largely on the writer of the article.


Buchkinn wrote

Ok thanks. I think thats often the case with "newsblogs" (or whatever you call this type of online media). I am still surprised though. Some classmate of me was a big fan of vice. Now I regret not checking it out earlier.