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alex wrote (edited )

really good article about something i hadn't heard about. a couple quotes I thought were especially good...

Niceness much like whiteness is both everything and nothing. As empty as promises often made to Indigenous peoples whose land is settled by wave after wave of immigrants. We tell stories that produce good feeling – ones that make us feel benevolent, redeemed, and kind. While many in the South Asian diaspora and the wider mainstream public in the Global North are horrified by cases of gender-based violence in India and other Global South countries, the ways that white settler violence structures the deaths of women of colour is wilfully forgotten with stories of immigrant success.


Many times, in a ‘nice’ place, educated white liberals do not want to appear racist and remain silent regarding the sexism of immigrants and their cultures’. This gesture of imagined benevolence is the ultimate act of racism as it constructs ‘Others’ as being out of the bounds of human empathy.