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selver wrote

I've never felt so baited but I will resist.


hjek wrote

Baity headline indeed, but it's actually a reasonable article making some valid points about a few specific male comedians, and bias against older women in Hollywood.

More appropriate title would be Why Can't These Men Accept Their Ideas Are Outdated? but that would probably get way less of those angry clicks.


selver wrote (edited )

No I meant the whole article is bait. It's so bad it's offensive and must be written just to outrage anyone interested in comedy. The examples they chose are so bizarre.


RosaReborn wrote

I don't think the article is without merits. I wasn't huge on the writing but it is pretty clear that many male comedians, and comedians of all genders, often rail against society criticizing them for ignorant and outdated material. I feel someone like Stewart Lee is a good example of a male comedian who understands good comedy that fits with the larger culture, even if some of his ironic satire can verge more on the side of recreation as opposed to actual satire.

Interesting to have one article praising Ellen and another attacking her


selver wrote (edited )

There are loads of comedians that have very similar politics to Stewart Lee, he's not that unique in that sense. The author chose the most out of touch hacks possible to criticize all male comedians with. Even other comedians openly shit on Maher and Leary, something comedians almost never do to each other. And fuck Louis, but his work is amazing. Horace & Pete was a masterpiece & was by no means behind the times. Judging him on a leaked workout set after he hasn't been on a stage for a year is a bit absurd.

Meanwhile, their only example of women who are supposedly so much more on point is fucking Ellen, an abusive asshole who just this week allied herself with Kevin Hart & has barely done comedy for 20 years. The writer clearly doesn't know much about comedy if they couldn't even promote some genuinely amazing women comedians.

What's the merit here? Leary, Maher, and that one Louis set have bad politics? Okay..?


ziq wrote

Stewart Lee: any particular routine you'd recommend for someone who's never heard of him?