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surreal wrote

even though i laughed my ass off with this guy, he shouldn't come back.


bloodrose wrote

So when Weinstein was brought down, it was noted that the only reason he was able to be brought down was because he was already running low on power. The men who have been accused since and have come back, well, they weren't low on power. Every time one of them comes back, it just proves that no one gave two shits about women. It breaks my heart. He should never come back. None of them should. But they will.


ziq wrote

I wonder if he'll start making 'self-depreciating' unsolicited masturbation in front of women jokes to try and normalize it. That would really piss me off.


selver wrote (edited )

He'll be back. Comedians have been talking about how good his return special will be since the day it happened. He's got so much support within the industry.

Who's career did he ruin? I don't remember anything like that happening.

I was never crazy about his standup, but Horace & Pete was so fucking good.


ziq wrote (edited )

I think the biggest problem is everyone will look at him and be too creeped out by what he did for his 'everyday shmo' comedy to work.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

A radio show that I generally like discussed this, and I was appalled at their conclusion. They asked, "Since he was never prosecuted or imprisoned, how long until he's permitted to get back into the field? Six months? A year? Three years? I don't know." The response is simple - never, that's when. End of story.