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Dumai wrote (edited )

well i hope i am doing it for the right reasons; the clique of completely fake "pro-feminist" men who still treat women like shit are equally as likely to get people in danger, but they're better at hiding behind the clout they've earned as allies. all i'm saying is: i don't want to be that, in any respect, and i don't want to associate with men who are.

that doesn't mean i'm going to be silent, that just means i'm going to try not to take up too much space and attention in the feminist conversation. because while i get the point of this article, obviously, i've seen it happen before that men who write pieces like this earn too much praise for "helping dismantle rape culture" and then later turn out to be rapists themselves, or otherwise reveal themselves as huge misogynists, or end up literally trying to murder their wives;* so it would often seem their "feminist activism" was more about solidifying their own influence in the intellectual scene than any sincere concern for women's issues. i think i'd be much more interested in an article written by a woman telling men how to be good allies. the positionality of it just feels a lot more comfortable to me

*not that i'm saying ramanathan s. is any of those things, i'm sure his intentions are absolutely good, but articles like this from men are always a little concerning to me