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rot wrote (edited )

Crazy how being a cis man you never notice these things, I'm guilty of so much that has only been pointed out later by women or trans men who have the experience of being the victim.

E: corrected to "cis man"


noordinaryspider wrote

My drag king friends have a much less thoughtful and boy-friendly perspective. This is a great read. tfs.


[deleted] wrote


noordinaryspider wrote

I understand and frequently feel the same way.

Drag kings are women who present as men either for entertainment purposes or for first hand experience at male privilege.

This article was written by a man who is Trans. He has a somewhat different perspective since he has never been a woman even though he has been treated as one.

Trans people have had to explain this so many times that it isn't actually a kindness to ask them yet again. I understand. I want to apologize too.


amongstclouds wrote

You do realize this isn't a choice... right?


[deleted] wrote (edited )


amongstclouds wrote

Last week you post homophobic memes and double down when we point it out and now this. Wow.


amongstclouds wrote (edited )

How you feel isn't a choice.

Yeah, that's my point.

Then the preceding paragraph contradicts your first sentence.