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From an Americans perspective you need an armed populace to eliminate the possibility of a tyrannical government taking power. Well I mean it is the perspective of American conservatives and the founding fathers, not liberals, who are more European in their convictions (monarchs).

For self defense, there is no way a lone woman will be able to defend herself against a home invader without a gun. Police are reactionary. Self defense is proactive.

Right now we have psychos running around stabbing people and running them over. So do we ban knives and cars?



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Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

All people should arm themselves, women, men, non-binary, all of the above. Not because women are poor, defenseless creatures, but because people should be able to protect themselves and not rely on police to save them.


Pop wrote (edited )

we have a whole forum around this except without the overt dodgyness of your position



conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote (edited )

Thank you but I'm not leftwing so that wouldn't be appropriate.

One more thing I would wish to add since you call yourself an anarchist. If the government bombs American cities, its over. The military and population will turn on them and we'll install a new government. Without guns, we would be at their mercy.


asg101 wrote

The government HAS bombed at least one city, Philly in 1985. And no response from military and near zero from the population. Most never heard of it and probably supported it if they did.

As a leftist, I do agree that an unarmed revolution is a short and futile revolution. The plutocracy will cede nothing willingly.


DaisyDisaster wrote

I think it would be extremely appropriate since you claim to want to understand us.


GrimWillow wrote

Without guns, we would be at their mercy.

Anarchists care a fuck load about guns and defending yourself. But if you cared in a non-racist way, you would cry out foul to all those "conservatives" who ignore the goverment's incredibly devious gun removal and literal assassination of the Black Panthers, and before that, the literal ongoing holocaust of the indiginous. Why only cry foul on certain issues that don't include the liberty of literal human beings?


GaldraChevaliere wrote (edited )

I'd sooner rely on my knife or baton than my gun if someone broke into my home or raided my camp, honestly. I'm perfectly capable of taking someone apart thanks, with or without a gun. Doesn't mean I don't want to have one on principle.


conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote

In Europe women who live alone are defenseless of a home invader broke in with the intention to kill, rob, or rape her. Her only defense is the police, if they are notified early enough to protect her. Not likely.


ziq wrote

You should meet u/gal

I think you'll hit it off.


leftous wrote

We used to believe in freedom and the sanctity of the home. No more. Our once liberty loving government has turned against us.