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Xylanthius wrote

the second photograph in that article was one of the coolest images I have ever seen. This is awesome news and another interesting corridor of the youtube window into a personal human experience. Women are amazing and powerful. In the second image, she is pulling a baby out of her body. She just created the baby, and she is pulling it out, and it looks wrapped up in a little cocoon burrito posture!

In so many movies I have seen as well as tv shows where the men talk about how scary and disgusting childbirth is. They also allude to how it makes the vagina look gross and ruins it. I especially liked it in the article when they say that it is educational and something to be celebrated. :-)


gone wrote

It's a very prevelant attitude.

My second-youngest kid (ex-baby) is male. There are sixteen years between him and my "caboose baby" so he didn't exactly grow up around birthing and babies.

His reaction when I told him that I was serious about trying to conceive as a single mother by choice in my forties was:

"But doctors cost money and hospitals cost money and pain medicine costs money and formula costs money!"

My initial reaction was shock and bemusement since I have never had a hospital birth, a medicated birth, or artificially fed any of my kids. Junior's reaction, unfortunately, was:

"Well, you SHOULD!!!!!!!"

Um....I don't think so. Humans are mammals. Little humans come out of big humans' vaginas just like puppy dogs and kitty cats and horsies and moo cows and baa baa black sheep.

Functional uteruses and ovaries for trans women would be so amazing.

The secret isn't that giving birth and raising young humans is hard, it's that women are strong.