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sudo wrote

It's no secret that many communist party chapters are simply leftist debate clubs.

This one does more than that. You know nothing about my situation. Stop making assumptions.

It looks like it's more of a way for you to detach from reality, seeing as you mentioned it in response to this thread about someone's emergency situation dealing with misogyny.

Because there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of cases like this. If you donate to one person, that will only give them temporary relief from their pain, and it will do nothing to help the others who don't have the privilege of a large social media following to offer them financial support. Stalking and harassment are the symptoms of institutional misogyny. Do you want to treat the symptoms, or the disease?


kittybecca wrote (edited )

The disease, obviously; why else would I be on Raddle? I just don't trust your ideas to treat either one. You've given no indication that you understand how your ideas and praxis are going to lead to the abolition of misogyny. All you've given are platitudes.