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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

If you have no goals, doesn't that mean you're content at doing nothing? "I have no goals. None. My house is so dirty it's not fit for human habitation because 'cleaning the house' is a goal. I live off candy because 'eating healthy' is a goal. I do not communicate with anyone because 'maintaining communication with friends or family' is a goal." Really?

Now I don't want to buy into the capitalism opposite of that state - acting as though life isn't worth living unless my residence looks like something in a home catalog, I'm rail thin and absurdly muscular, and I spend all of my spare time in some expensive and sophisticated pursuit like mastering golf or conducting scientific research.

But I think, "I would enjoy learning to tap dance" is a reasonable aspiration, as is "I would like to grow my own vegetables", without falling into a never-ending cycle of hating yourself because you've never achieved enough (or spent enough).


ChaosRocket wrote

Well I just keep my apartment clean as a matter of course. I don’t think it’s really considered a “goal.” Like, if someone asked me what my goals are and I said having a clean apartment, that would make it sound like my apartment is currently dirty and my goal is to get it clean. Keeping it clean consistently is just a standard of living, something I normally do, not a goal.