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Infinity wrote

"My vagina has changed a lot in my 46 years. I loved exploring it for pleasure as a child. Then my vagina was injured when I was raped at 15 and didn’t tell. Later I had a lot of great sex and a lot of mediocre sex. I birthed two children through this space, a space that still holds potential for experience and love.

There is no equality without reproductive rights, there are no reproductive rights without knowledge of the female body, and there is no knowledge of the female body without acknowledgment of the post-maternal vagina. The lack of education and attention to my – and thousands of mothers’ – pelvic injuries is another sign of our country’s indifference to women’s rights and health."

This article is traumatizing on so many levels.

I wonder how many mothers are on this forum.


__deleted_____ wrote

f/parenting could really use more activity if you're interested. That's a perspective that's often overlooked in revolutionary circles. Raising the next generation to be better than us is probably the most important thing we can do as anarchists.