A lengthy rant about trans exclusionists.

Submitted by RespectWomen in Feminism

(Content: cissexism, genital mentions, & mentions of sexual abuse.)

Trans exclusionary radicals are notable in that they frequently complain about ‘men’ (read: people who are obviously women) invading their spaces and supposedly plotting to harm somebody or at least disrupt discussions. I can’t imagine why somebody would subject herself to this, unless maybe she’s disturbingly desperate. Do gay people want to tie the knot in heterosexist institutions? No. You know what I don’t need to imagine, though? Political cissexists barging into far‐left spaces and regurgitating the same, tiresome bullshit that people have heard thousands of times before. I’ve repeatedly asked or made obvious signals for them to leave, but it looks like they had nothing better to do with their time. Do I even need to point out how hypocritical this is?

Nonetheless, I want to take the opportunity to carefully & patiently explain why I oppose them. Keep in mind that I’m not writing for their benefit; trans exclusion is simply hate, not a position at which one arrives through reason. I would rather write for your benefit. Now, let’s examine some of their claims:

Genitals or chromosomes dictate gender!

Gender, along with womanhood and manhood, are made up concepts. Whatever organs or chromosomes somebody or something has is not magically intrinsic to any of these; the association was made by imperfect beings, possibly white men who died millennia ago. Some infants are born with strange of ambiguous organs which are soon modified to look ‘normal’, some kids are born with chromosomes that don’t quite match whatever they have down there, and some people feel uncomfortable with the gender that fallible bipeds imposed on them. Nature makes mistakes all of the time.

Those are just statistical anomalies!

And…? So are transpeople, but why are you obsessed with them and not intersex people? Do intersex people not matter to you? Apparently!

Oh, and the vast majority of chromosomal abnormalities slip under the radar because hardly anybody is officially tested for them. Likewise, it’s difficult to find an accurate estimate of how many humans are transgender considering the stigma.

‘Cis’ is a slur!

Since when? Are people being autodiscriminatory because they call theirselves cisgender? What about calling yourself heterosexual? Able‐bodied? Homo sapiens? Here’s a more probable reason: you dislike the term because it logically implies that transgender people exist.

Cis privilege is a myth! These examples [which are obviously for men’s privilege] prove it!

Thanks for giving us even more evidence for Western Patriarchy. This is a classic ‘anti‐SJW’ misinterpretation; privilege isn’t like god mode, it just gives you (usually unnoticed) advantages that other humans would not have. If you want to talk privilege though, how about you explain the facts that cises don’t have to worry about being outed, don’t have to worry about being repetitively misgendered, and can enter any women’s or blokes’ areas without a worry? Where are all the cises intentionally sent to prisons or other hellholes for the opposite sex? Where are all the victims who suffered serious abuses simply because they were cisgender? Most importantly, where are all the cis exclusionary radical feminists (CERFs) and why haven’t they gotten rid of you yet‽

‘TERF’ is a slur! I’m gender critical!

If you think that it’s a slur (and somehow not an accurate description), ask yourself why you feel that way. As for you being gender critical, it’s kind of misleading if all you do is shit on transpeople and never cises.

On a side note, many genocide deniers prefer to be called ‘historical revisionists’ (incorrect; revisionism doesn’t involve erasing entire events) and white supremacists prefer to be called ‘pro‐white’ (also incorrect; white people have to do whatever they think is best for them). I think that we know why.

I support trans men! See, I’m not that gross!

No, trans men don’t appreciate you intentionally misgendering them or behaving condescendingly by considering them ‘self‐hating’ or ‘confused’ or whatever the fuck. Nobody is impressed.

Gender is [always] oppressive!

Inaccurate. Gender rôles are obviously oppressive, and so is the binary, but your actions indicate that you want to keep those. Go you.

Trans activists want everybody to love their dicks [if they have them]!

It’s hard to know where to even begin with this one. First off, trans women can be as phallophobic as anybody else. They may feel self‐conscious (perhaps related to their identity), they may be hyposexual or asexual, or they may simply find them a turn off like I do.

Second, who the fuck keeps claiming this? I’m guessing that this is a conclusion that cissexists made up because they can’t picture dating without (penetrative) sex later. Romantic relationships ≠ sexual relationships, nerds.

Finally, what would this accomplish? I think that with all of the blatant discrimination & oppression going on, whatever people think of their groins is a low priority, if a priority at all!

What about these transes who committed atrocities‽

Transpeople can do horrible things too? No shit. Has it ever occurred to you that the corporate media may have ulterior motives? See, on the off chance that a cis woman sexually abusing somebody is reported in the media, it’s phrased as gently as possible, at least in the shitpost sections below. A trans woman, though? Not only are they dying to report that, but they aren’t going to sugarcoat it either. We already have evidence of the corporate media hyperfocussing on ‘black crimes’; I don’t think that overreporting ‘trans crimes’ is something beneath them.

New school feminists think that sex work is unconditionally empowering!

Man, do I get tired of seeing this one. Sexual labour only has the potential to be empowering. Never once have I seen any feminist claim that it is always, inherently, or unconditionally so. For starters, sex labourers need the right to refuse service at any time, the right to self‐defence, and more respect (especially as women); in other words, the right to safety. Nonetheless, somehow this proposal becomes interpreted as ‘sex workers should continue being violated’, which makes about as much sense as seeing proposals to make hard labour safer or more tolerable & interpreting them as demands for more injured or dead labourers.

Porno is slowly but surely turning men into raging misogynists!

This is another classic confusion of cause with effect: they aren’t womanhaters because they watch too much misogynous media; they look at misogynous media because they are already womanhaters. Would an antimisogynist intentionally look for awful smut or feel guiltless after viewing it? I doubt it. Yes, maybe a neutral viewer could become more accepting of or at least desensitised towards abuses against women (if they can stomach that in the first place), but starting as neutral they probably won’t remain firmly in one position for a very long time.


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TrotskySpy1922 wrote

I was excluded from women only housing. Just because Im a m to f in transition should not mean i lose my human rights.