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Thereunto wrote

"Fundamentally speaking, feminism [does not advocate for] racism, supremacy and oppressive domination in any form." - Linked Article

While in theory feminism is just a striving for equality of sexes, the statement isn't factually true about some cultural feminisms. It is common to have a female supremacist marginalise the suffering of men, such as Mary P. Koss.

You can also have versions of feminism that are catered to specific cultures and title themselves based on a percieved race focus (see white feminism and black feminism).

Zionism is similar to Islam in respect of their mutual Abrahamic origins and laws. To say one cannot be a zionist feminist is to say the same for islamic feminists. The argument over whether a niqab or hijab is OK for a woman to wear is a point of contention between different forms of feminism and doesn't have a clear answer.


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PositiveFreedom wrote

"One of the greatest feats of Zionism is that it has wrapped itself around Judaism so tightly that some people actually believe that to be a Jew you must be a Zionist."

That, and maybe most dangerously, critiquing Zionism equals anti-Semitism.