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squirrels wrote (edited )

She is an exemplary case of why those who commodify and sell "feminism" aren't allies.

On that note: I have immense personal hatred for Girls, as someone who abused me used it as a justification for hurting me. He used it to say that young women were vapid and deserved abuse, because they could easily get out of abusive relationships but don't. He was a huge fan of the show. It perpetuates stereotypes, racism, and sexism and displays a gross amount of classist themes.


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squirrels wrote

Wow. What human garbage. Denying the agency of sex workers and the policies and advice of actual humanitarian workers.

"Intelligent feminists" What classist bullshit.


ziq wrote

She takes time in her letter to thank Hillary Clinton for 30 years of public service. "Thank you, Hillary, for bravely taking every shot and standing tall, for weathering assaults from every direction, for telling us that no, this wasn’t politics as we know it, and no, you were not going to let a chronic interrupter with a limited vocabulary of catchphrases stop you from speaking coherently about your dreams for this country."