Submitted by KrissieSue27 in Feminism

Ladies, it's time we make the boys fear us on the streets, the way we have feared them for thousands of years. I propose a new internet "challenge" - the Ball Buster Challenge! Women should kick random men passing on the street as hard as we can in the balls, across the country and around the world! Post videos of the losers balled up on the ground grabbing their sacks and writhing in pain with the hashtag #BallBusterChallenge. I'd like to see boys in suits, shorts, rich, poor, everyone everywhere a potential "victim" - as every woman everywhere is always a potential victim for predatory males. Make men afraid to walk the streets alone at night!



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Fool wrote

I think bulldozers work better for taking streets. You can take the street, put in a truck, and move it where it needs to go.



256 wrote

Bulldozers and excavators are my hate objects. Probably worse than any tank can ever be.


kinshavo wrote

Ball busting is a thing already but not sure if it's a great idea doing it not consensually

It's something a fed or troll would say tbh


anarresinfoshop wrote

Not exactly what we had in mind at the focus group meeting yesterday, but thank you for sharing these powerful insights