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PainlessEphemera wrote

I think it’s right that everyone is running away from C. K. If he was really sorry, he would’ve apologized ten years ago, instead of when he got caught. That’s what he’s apologizing for, not that he regrets it, but that he is in hot water over this.


PositiveFreedom wrote

He certainly said the right things. Only he knows whether it was genuine or not. But what he said showed genuine regret and an understanding of the unequal balance of power making consent impossible. I'm inclined to think it was sincere but waiting and denying certainly makes that a tenuous position.

Reparations are certainly necessary but I'm not inclined to throw people away when they seem redeemable.


GrimWillow wrote

I sort of treat actors and comedians like politicians. Sometimes politicians know exactly what they need to say to further their agenda/reputation.

I do think he's only covering his ass, but he certainly said the right things. Lets hope it's real, and lets hope that he seeks to organize for feminism now. Time will tell I suppose...


zod wrote (edited )

He also flat out denied the allegations just a few weeks ago.


GrimWillow wrote

"No way did I do that!"

"Oh shit, I'm sorry...

...that I got caught..."

Maybe his agent was all like "If you did shit, you better confess now and apologize before too much time has passed, or your career will be hit hard the longer you wait."