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ziq wrote


Tecate_Coyote wrote

That's something I've always been confused about. What is the path towards anarchy? Is it building your community and cultivating a general sense of self-reliance? And just rejecting the state on a personal/communal level? Because it seems improbable to turn the US at large into anarchy, I feel like the only viable approach is on the small scale. I should probably read more essays.


ziq wrote

Anarchy is when courts and politicians have no ability to rule people's bodies because no one will accept their authority. It's when no one will obey any order or produce any profit or recognize any law or leave any symbol of authority standing because the people who ruled them have exposed themselves so completely that there's no going back.


ziq wrote (edited )

The reason the state loves to control women's bodies is because people with children will be far less willing to revolt because them getting arrested or killed would risk the wellbeing of their children. The more responsibilities people have, the less risks they're going to take and the more they're going to advocate for stability (prolonging the current system) vs. radical change that could put their family's safety in danger.


fortmis wrote

this is a very convincing argument. I figured it was the labour shortage..................