Submitted by kaukau in Feminism

I am very thankful I found this forum when I did. My social media is a nightmare right now. I am a two spirit individual who uses all pronouns, but recently started presenting more feminine because my partner and I are trying for kids next month. My partner and I are also non-monogamous and his cis girlfriend is likely to get pregnant prior to me just due to proximity alone, she lives in the same town as him.

But I feel so isolated right now except for when I talk to him. Between a bunch of tone deaf cis friends who can’t shut up about the new Harry Potter movie I could care less about; and the democrat friends who think they are being helpful by bringing up reproductive rights when I’m talking about getting pregnant is just so… I don’t even have words for the loneliness I feel right now. Or child-free friends who look at me with disgust and horror when I tell them that I WANT children desperately.

I recently lost the only friend I could speak openly about these issues with because we used to date and eventually it became to painful to even maintain friendships as we both moved on in our romantic lives.

Thank you for existing Raddle. I am glad I have a space with likeminded people again.



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