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crime wrote

Trying to save some rage for the weekend, though.

Love this.

As I was reading your post and this thread, I was scratching my head trying to figure out what reasoning shitty people could possibly use to turn this into a victim blame fest. Then I saw your examples....

The fucking nerve of these people to talk down to and belittle people who didn't vote. Like YOU'RE the naive one for not voting hard enough and they're somehow blameless and not at all naive for not only continually voting for these ineffectual fucking ghouls, but being duped by (or willfully ignoring) their perenial bait-and-switch bullshit. As if people who abstain from electing these fuckers are somehow ignorant or stupid, nevermind that these asshole seem to get duped every time.

But THIS elsction cycle will be different, little lady! And until then, I guess you can just sit and think about all the stuff you didnt do to counter a decades long concerted political operation propelled by a multibillion dollar machine. Hope you dont get knocked up between now and then!


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crime wrote (edited )

The cruelest of ironies...