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Anarcat wrote

Because that lady is a liar who has been caught in lies many times


Styx OP wrote

So being a liar somehow, uh, immunises you against being a victim of domestic violence -- is this what you are saying?


Anarcat wrote

It isn't what I'm saying, no, thanks for asking.


Styx OP wrote (edited )

Alright, maybe read the article then. But TW: It might help you recognise you sound exactly like all those MRAs, incels and all other garden-variety misogynists who cannot help themselves but gleefully jump on this disgusting victim-blaming bangwagon.


Anarcat wrote

You sound like you spend a great deal of time on the internet.


Styx OP wrote

I'll take that over sounding like a misogynist!


Anarcat wrote

You seem real concerned with which internet groups, internet acronyms you 'sound like' or align with. Just do your best to think through what sounds correct and incorrect to you, and don't worry too much about that stuff.