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selver wrote

Everyone already knew this, but it's pretty depressing to have it confirmed.


PainlessEphemera wrote

What do you mean? I’ve never even heard about this before.


selver wrote (edited )

That Aspen story is like 10 years old, and they told people about it back then. I heard about all this at least a year ago (but it was generally met with the usual "but where's the evidence? we can't just believe women!" horseshit). Tig and Kirkman came out against him a while back (which is so rare for comedians to do that there was no reason to not believe them). I've heard tons of comedians make offhanded comments/jokes about it on podcasts for a while now (without explicitly calling him out).

Every single time this shit happens, every comedian can't wait to tell people how they've been hearing these stories forever, but decided to never mention it. Everyone knew about Weinstein, Cosby, Louis, etc.

edit: Actually, Stanhope was taking credit for it 5 years ago, so I heard about it a while ago.


ziq OP wrote

joss whedon was the one that really sucked for me.


Enkara wrote (edited )

Oh shit Joss Whedon too?

Are there any men in hollywood who AREN'T creeps?


ziq OP wrote

It's pretty hard to have wealth and power and not use it to abuse people I think.


clementinecarson wrote

How are they comparable?


ziq OP wrote

Both showed a complete lack of respect for women. Joss for his wife and employees (that he had affairs with), CK for his peers.


rosalique wrote

I am getting really fucking sick of having to separate so much art from so many artists.


selver wrote

Yeah it sucks, especially in this case. First one of these where it's someone whose work I actually really like (Horace and Pete was phenomenal).


kestrel77 wrote

he was always one of those dudes who seems kind of woke about feminism on the surface but then once you start to pick it apart had super problematic views/things to say. and those dudes can be dangerous.