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bloodrose wrote

My perimenopause is causing heavier periods with severe clotting - it's like giving birth (and I say this as someone who has doneso). I am getting tests this week to see what has happened to my uterus and if they don't find anything wrong, I might have to go back on hormones because there's no way insurance will pay to get the misbehaving uterus removed. I am eagerly awaiting full menopause. I am so over this. I'll take hot-flashes over 3-week long periods.


Styx OP wrote

I once had a period that just wouldn't stop and so after two weeks and one too many 'aren't you pregnant?', I finally went to the gynaecologist who put a swift end to it with some pills (might have even been just 1 pill). Never had it happen again.

There are all kinds of medications that help with heavy, long periods, so don't let them send you back home empty-handed.


tuesday wrote

fuck I'm so sorry. that sounds miserable. I get mine like two or three times a year now, they're very light but holy fuck the pms and cramping now is actually worse than it was when I was getting regular periods, which I don't understand bc it only lasts two or three days now so why are my symptoms worse and experiencing more pain?

uteruses are the worst.

I hope your visit with the doctor helps you to figure out what's going on. good luck ❤❤❤❤


crime wrote

the misbehaving uterus

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