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bloodrose OP wrote

Everything I want to write, if I just wait long enough, someone else will write for me. I've had justified man hatred on my list of things to write for over a year.

Hating men is absolutely the right of women; in fact, it is our prerogative. We would be fools not to hate the people who rape, murder, assault, humiliate, abuse and bully us.

This sentiment is exactly what I wanted to write about. Love it.


inthedustofthisplanet wrote (edited )

Yeah, but Julie is also a TERF, which makes it difficult to agree with her.

Bindel argues that gender is a product of socialisation, and that gender roles reinforce women's oppression;[81][82] she would like to see an end to gender entirely.[81] She wrote in 2008 that gender-reassignment surgery reinforces gender stereotypes, and that the diagnosis of gender identity disorder (GID) is built upon outdated views about how females and males should behave. "It is precisely this idea that certain distinct behaviours are appropriate for males and females," she wrote, "that underlies feminist criticism of the phenomenon of 'transgenderism.'"[83][84]

A 2004 column by Bindel titled "Gender Benders, beware" printed in The Guardian caused the paper to receive more than two hundred letters of complaint from transgender people, doctors, therapists, academics and others. The column expressed her anger about Kimberly Nixon – a transgender woman who was expelled from her training as a rape crisis counsellor on the basis that she was trans – and also included Bindel's views about transgender people and transgender rights, which drew significant criticism.[82][85] Trans rights advocacy group Press for Change cite this article as an example of "discriminatory writing" about transgender people in the press.[86] Complaints focused on the title, "Gender benders, beware", the cartoon accompanying the piece,[87] and the disparaging tone, such as "Think about a world inhabited just by transgender people. It would look like the set of Grease" and "I don't have a problem with men disposing of their genitals, but it does not make them women, in the same way that shoving a bit of vacuum hose down your 501s [jeans] does not make you a man."[82][88] Bindel later apologized for the article's 'offensive' tone.[89][83][90]

In an opinion piece in The Guardian C L Minou said that Julie Bindel had a "long record of public transphobia".[91] When Bindel was nominated in 2008 for Stonewall's "Journalist of the year" award, transgender activists picketed the ceremony. The London Feminist Network staged a counter-demonstration in Bindel's support.[84] Because of her views, she has been no-platformed by several student unions, including that of the University of Manchester in 2015, where she had been invited to discuss: "From liberation to censorship: does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?".[92]

In 2012, Bindel condemned female bisexuality as a "fashionable trend" caused by "sexual hedonism," and broached the question of whether bisexuality even exists: "[B]isexuality is sold to heterosexual women as some type of recreational activity far from their 'natural home' of straight sex. It is seen as 'temporary lesbianism'"—having a girlfriend, for a straight woman, is like having "the latest Prada handbag".[93] As a long-active lesbian feminist, she has felt uncomfortable with the inclusion of sexuality- and gender-variant communities into the expanding LGBT "rainbow alliance": "The mantra now at 'gay' meetings is a tongue-twisting LGBTQQI. It is all a bit of an unholy alliance. We have been put in a room together and told to play nicely."[90]

Just another run of the mill reactionary from the UK.


emma wrote (edited )

My favourite Bindel fact is how she campaigned to free an imprisoned trafficking victim who'd killed her pimp, and after her release demanded favours from her until she killed herself.

Her belief that outspoken sex workers are part of a Soros-backed pimp lobby are a close second.


bloodrose OP wrote

Oh wooooowww...that's nuts!


Anti-Semitic dog-whistle if I ever heard one.

I'm flabbergasted at the level of gross this one is.

Big big yikes.


Erinna_Io wrote

Being a reactionary can make a person be a TERF and Anti-Semite at the same time!

It never ceases to amaze me how rotten some people get.


bloodrose OP wrote (edited )

Oh, I had no idea. That's gross.

I think I should leave this up so people like me who didn't know who she is learn as well??


inthedustofthisplanet wrote (edited )

Yeah, no ill will directed at you. I just know what Judie really means and like to point it out.

Reactionaries love to dismiss anything they don't agree with as identity politics.


bloodrose OP wrote

It also means if she's a shitty source, I can't be like "hey, someone wrote what I wanna write, now I don't have to." Now I have to actually do something because I can't just rest on someone else having done it... lame. I hate work. Work sucks.


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

What I always liked less in this view, is how it puts all individual males in that category, equating them not with potential rapist, assaulters or murderers, but as de facto.

I get this is pretty accurate that, collectively, men are one hell of a dangerous, predatory gender.


bloodrose OP wrote

collectively, men are one hell of a dangerous, predatory gender.

Indeed. And this is something I wanted to write about. I also wanted to write about how women's hatred of men is manifested very differently and how the term man-hater is used as an insult to keep women doing labor. I feel this essay barely breaches the topic. I have a book-level idea of what should be written on this subject but have zero time to write.