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lettuceLeafer wrote

I will say this it wasn't until encountering the gayness is a choice naritive on raddle did I I stop being straight which made my life way nicer. Personally the born with it naritive has been somewhat invalidating for me. So u may be right about it giving the right wing ammunition but it was a very useful naritive for me in coming to terms with queerness.

I just wanted to add how it has helped me not to invalidate your point. I'm glad you said something bc it is something I should take into consideration as I grew up where being a gay man was quite normal and far less stigmatized. It's something I will take into consideration in mulling over my position of sexuality as a choice.


bloodrose wrote

No, that's a legit perspective. And perhaps mine is outdated. I could probably use a bit more nuanced perspective here.

I worry about backlash because I remember being a wild, free spirit in the 90s with all my abortion rights and shit and have been watching it all eroded away by MRAs, Tea Parties, TERFs and just makes me fearful of giving opressors a single inch, especially an inch that they used to weild. I know a lot of gays who went through a bad time because people thought it was a choice and bear those scars.

I am personally ambivalent to the idea of whether or not sexuality is a choice - I don't think rights should depend upon "born this way" mentality and what anyone does with their love is their business and no one ele's. But on a "haha, so funny" note, while watching old Hercules episode today, I was like "There is no way I chose to be attracted to Kevin Sorbo - that man's a jerk!"

I will attempt to rethink my take and approach it from a more nuanced place. Thanks for your gentle input.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Yeah I'm lucky enough to be privileged enough to not rely on government officials deciding to be nice for me to live my life. So I think your comment is good in h3lping remind me to sympathize with other like u who fear the government taking rights away.


dsfsf4ewtb wrote

sexuality is unconsciously determined by genetic and environmental factors.


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

Got some evidence for that? I've never seen any research proven sexuality is genetic. It also makes fuck all sense since sex and gender is a societal contrived and not biological. Unless humans somehow evolved in a way that RNA and DNA understand made up societal contracts that constantly change. I'd live to see that study tbh sounds fascinating.