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bloodrose wrote (edited )

That number is probably based on the Kinsey scale which estimated 10% of the population was some amount of same-sex attracted (gay/bi). Other studies have been done since and have not found as high of a number. So, if you believe demographic studies of gayness, 90% would be very low for straights.

Of course, I think this is becuase of social attitudes towards homosexuality. I don't know that this demographic can be accurately gauged until there is no negative stigmas around homosexuality.


SJWarCleric wrote

That makes sense. The "assumed" straight would definitely skew higher imo. I worry for a lot of straight folks because a good chunk of them seem miserable. Like the jokes about wanting to murder their spouses combined with spousal abuse rates, child abuse, neglect, etc. is a pretty big yikes for me.

I'm always urging friends to seek out better situations/partners because of what appear to me like big red flags, but the societal expectations combined with shitty situations keep them stuck. Usually it's my hetero lady friends who I'm worried might get murdered but there are a good chunk of hetero fellas who also are treated like shit and supposed to just accept it. Feels bad.

I suspect that a less patriarchal society the "heteros" would not be "upseteros" as the memes state.

I was talking to someone yesterday who had divorced her husband years ago but stayed on friendly terms. She was telling me how she hadn't wanted kids, but he had. So they "compromised" by having a son and a daughter and then a hysterectomy. It doesn't feel like a compromise to me, but I'm biased with a bad case of tokophobia and lesbianism.