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moonlune OP wrote

It's a clickbait title.

The tldw is that heterofatalism is the idea that women seek misogyny by seeking relationships with men. As examples, she cites second wave "political lesbianism" and all the "men are trash, love women" type of memes that are rejections of heterosexuality.
She says that this pov sucks because it reinforces an idea that the the sexist behavior of men is inevitable, and thus victim blames women for loving men (my words). And also it's kinda homophobic because it reduces same sex love to something we chose.
She concludes that gender abolitionism is cool. Of course she says stuff in a more nuanced way with cool images and jokes in between.

There are a few sources in the video description if you prefer to read than watch.


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moonlune OP wrote

It's punching up, it can't be literal, although I'll change the title :)

What I found interesting in this video was that she gave a name to the gut reaction that most of us have had /seen ("oh, fuck men, relationships with them are doomed, it'd be easier to live with a woman") while also criticizing it.


celebratedrecluse wrote

She says that this pov sucks because it reinforces an idea that the the sexist behavior of men is inevitable

This is true, but perhaps a more interesting and nuanced version of this point of view, is that heterosexuality is not inevitable, but that it does tend to produce sexist behavior and patriarchy.


celebratedrecluse wrote

In the era of third-wave feminism, it's easy to sit back and critique this sort of point of view. But I think a good long uncomfortable stare into the eyes of this critique is necessary, given how queer politics have become so recuperative in the recent times.

We're just at a far cry from the insurrectionary queer rebellions of past years. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of insurrectionary trans and queer and gay people out there. But a corrupt bargain has been broach with all of us, and if you don't refuse it every day then you get absorbed into something beyond your control.