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train wrote

I think this article misses a key point in that I believe rising tensions with China are helping to fuel this racist and violent misogyny.

I'm not 100% certain but I'm guessing US military occupations in post war east Asia helped embed the fetishization of Asian women in American culture. I also think Asian imigrants' relationship to capital may dictate their vulnerability to racialized violence. South east asian and pacific islander immigrants seem particularly at risk as many come from poorer backgrounds. A lot of that poverty though is a direct result of US and European military and economic policy in east Asia.

I'm certainly worried that if the reason for rising conflict with China, namely a conflict between American and Chinese capital, is not exposed then racialized violence will only get worse. The history of US imperialism may be useful in helping to expose this conflict for what it is. However, liberal media and especially the Biden administration are avoiding the topic entirely for obvious reasons.