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freiheit wrote

Feminist women think they understand men. They don't.


Naokotani wrote (edited )

The best way to get people to stop stereotying and generalizing about those who are different is to stereotype and generalize about them.

Humans are complex and to put huge swathes of them into neat boxes is at best pointless and at worst counter productive.

It is also logically falliocus. To say "A man did this therefore men are like this in general." is like saying "Goats have horns therefore all animals have horns."

This misconception is at the root of all different kinds of bigotry.


GrimWillow wrote

I dare say that all Anarchists would have to be feminists, otherwise they are just people calling themselves "Anarchist".

Anarchism is defined by its Intersectional solidarity with oppressed groups in the mere fact that if you are fighting rulers, then it means there will be no rulers. No rulers. No patriarchy.


Naokotani wrote (edited )

I am male, on the left, and I try to do what I can to respect women and stand in solidarity with them. I also self Identify as an anarchist. To be labeled a phoney and lumped in with sexual predators simply because I am a male feels pretty biggoted to me.

What if I said that female feminists are phonies and just do it for attention? Would that be ok? or would that be a patently false generalization about what is obviously an extremely varied segement of the population?


ziq admin wrote

Notice to all the brocialists in this thread: Stfu.


Naokotani wrote

I will stfu if you can explain the difference between these statesments: All women are X, all blacks are X and all men are X.

Extra points if you can explain how trying to alienate your male support base by by saying that male feminists are are phonies and the joke of the left and the right is constructive.


Defasher wrote

Good riddance to all the bad rubbish SimonSorrow just banned.