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MisterDoctorProfessorX wrote

They were just turning the title the other way.

Not all anarchists are feminists.


ziq wrote

Not all anarchists are feminists.

Yes they are. You can't claim to oppose hierarchy while subjugating women, wtf?


GrimWillow wrote

I dare say that all Anarchists would have to be feminists, otherwise they are just people calling themselves "Anarchist".

Anarchism is defined by its Intersectional solidarity with oppressed groups in the mere fact that if you are fighting rulers, then it means there will be no rulers. No rulers. No patriarchy.


Naokotani wrote (edited )

I am male, on the left, and I try to do what I can to respect women and stand in solidarity with them. I also self Identify as an anarchist. To be labeled a phoney and lumped in with sexual predators simply because I am a male feels pretty biggoted to me.

What if I said that female feminists are phonies and just do it for attention? Would that be ok? or would that be a patently false generalization about what is obviously an extremely varied segement of the population?


PainlessEphemera wrote

You’ve been banned for denying a fundamental aspect of anarchism and saying anti feminist propaganda.