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lautreamont wrote

Reply to comment by bloodrose in The Children of Pornhub by bloodrose

Article and subject is about underage girls who got lured into posting sex cams of themselve, and PornHub used it against their fully-aware consent. I wouldn't call them "sex workers", who consent to sell their sex services.... This is blatant underage abuse by PornHub.


lastfutures wrote (edited )

Right but sex trafficking narratives are used almost exclusively by anti-porn activists (which the author of this article is). Like the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act that passed a year or two ago that totally fucked sex workers & made their work way more dangerous, which was the whole intent.


bloodrose OP wrote

I agree with you completely. I just find that in leftist circles when you bring up these problems, there becomes a lot of hand-wringing about moralizing and sex-work, and no one will say "hey, this is fucked up - we should care" because they worry about being attacked for being "anti-sex-worker."