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LostYonder wrote

I can't help but wonder if calling white terrorists "terrorists" is in fact the wrong nomenclature. Given the long history of racist violence of white/christian/westerners, the magnitude of that violence, and the extent of such violence it is in fact something much more sinister than terrorism.

Terrorism is a tactic against a state to inculcate fear in a population to elicit particular types of reactions. White violence is a socio-psychological pathos, seemingly inherent in white/christian/european culture to assert supremacy. It isn't about destroying, as with terrorism, but about cleansing the body-politic, building anew (born again) a white political order.

Be it Rumsfeld's "shock and awe" destruction of Iraq, genocide against Native populations, enslavement of blacks, alt-right lunatics today, the Holocaust, over and over again the pathos of white violence against PoC, non-liberals, and sinners is unrelenting. It isn't terrorism, it is europeans/north americans being european/north american...


Chomskyist wrote

I agree with this. Terrorism is something done out of desperation, it's a reaction to imperialism. White Americans going on shooting sprees is something else entirely.