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adhdferret wrote

What is bootstrap theory?


Defasher wrote (edited )

It's what liberals say to poor people: "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps", i.e. succeed under capitalism and be rich. What they fail to realize is that rags to riches is a fairytale, the reality is you only make it under capitalism if rich people (family, your daddy's mates at the country club) allow you to make it.


adhdferret wrote

Never knew it meant rich. Just thought it meant to provide a decent living for you and yours. Who needs to be rich (with money) anyways? Cops have asset confiscation, and government will take most of it away anyways.


SpiritOfTito wrote

Not a fan of 'the N word'. There are legitimate cases to say "nigger" and when discussing white supremacy its definitely one off them.

When people say 'the n word' all you do is make me say nigger in my head. The person writing this should take responsibility for the shitty words they want to use instead of tricking me into saying it.


tnstaec wrote

It's a little bit, er, black and white. Some behaviors are considered acceptable in some contexts and not others.