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GrimWillow wrote

ignorance, fear-mongering and harassment have no place in a country founded on principles of equality and mutual respect.

Founded on principles of equality and mutual respect?! hahaha, what a joke. Too bad for the author, this country was founded on ignorance, fear-mongering and harassment. The united snakes needs to just die.

Fuck Jazmina so much for continuing the tradition of being obnoxious and villainous to the oppressed.


[deleted] wrote


kittybecca wrote (edited )

I'm Jewish so I have a question: if someone is afraid of Jews and believes that we eat the blood of Christians, do they have the right to harass us in public? Does their fear justify attacks on Jews? If they're told they can't attack Jews out of fear, are their rights "at loggerheads" with mine?

Because that's exactly what's happening here. Unfounded fear is conflicting with the harsh reality of trans women's lives and cis people are doing actual, material harm to us, harm that is virtually non-existent for the "other group" at the hands of trans people.