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Amy wrote

I hope fascism rose, I hope fascism rose 10ft up in the air and splattered back down again horrifically. Rest in piss this fucker.


selver wrote (edited )

Beaver Dam police said the white supremacist literature didn’t necessarily mean Morrow was a white supremacist.

“It does cause me some concern but I want to make very clear just because Mr. Morrow was in the possession of this material, does not categorize in any particular light,” Lt. Terrence Gebhardt told CBS 58. “He could have been an individual that was doing research.”

But state investigators suggested the opposite.

Amazing the lengths these assholes will go to to deny there's a connection between widespread terrorism & white supremacy.


leftous wrote

"He could have been an individual that was doing and my blue buddies research ways to ethnically cleanse non-whites all the time!" - American cops